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Industry Process
CRGO Electrical steel comes in the form of wide coils having widths of 750 mm to 1000 mm. These coils are to be slit in various widths in steps of 5mm, ranging from 10 mm to 100 mm.
These slit coils are wound on semi automatic winding machine as per the dimensions given by our customers.
On winding the cores to the exact size the start and finished ends of the core are spot welded on spot welding machine.
During the winding process, severe stresses are induced in the gains of the raw material. Theses stresses are relieved in our specially designed annealing furnace equipped with automatic temperature controller, circulating fan and inert atmosphere. The annealing cycle (at 800°C) is properly controlled to get uniform and best annealing results.
Since the electrical properties of cores are very critical, every core is tested on a specially designed test bench. The ampere turns/cm (magnetization current) are measured on every core to ensure that they are within the specified limits.
After testing the 'PASSED' cores are painted with N.C. paint to prevent the cores from corrosion.
The Electrical Properties of torroidal cores are very sensitive to bad handling during transit. We take great care while packing the cores in wooden boxes with cushioning material to prevent stresses on the cores during dispatch.
Industry Process
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