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Company Profile
B. R. Industries Ltd. – A new era of corporate industrialization started on 04-04-1995, in a well-facilitated industrial area of New Delhi. After the merger of two successfully running independent companies, B. R. Industries Ltd. Came into existence. Mr. B. R. Aggarwal founded B. R. INDUSTRIES LTD. With the vision of making B. R. Industries Ltd. a customer oriented industry he successfully catered to big and famous companies all over India, which includes NALCO, HINDALCO and BALCO. Along with this he developed excellent business relations with Govt. of India for import of basic raw materials used in the manufacturing process. Also, as Mr. B. R. Aggarwal has B. R. Industries Ltd. standing firm on a strong foundation, his ablest flag bearer son(s) joined him to further improve his message of giving the best Quality to the Industry.

The son(s) has gone many steps ahead in spreading the message to the length and breadth of the world. Their dictum is “Customer Satisfaction is Company Asset and should be achieved through Top Quality – Honest Dedication – On-time Delivery”.

Today the business of the company has international presence and its business is spread al over the country. Today B. R. Industries Ltd. is a highly reputed and favored Manufacturers of Electrical Lamination.


B. R. Industries Ltd. has a large production unit in a well facilitated industrial in New Delhi. The annual production capacity of the company is from 5kva to 250mva using all types of material from cold rolled, grain oriented to electrical steel of various grades. We also provide Laser Scribed Material for the purpose.

The company has its Head Office and Registered Office at 656 Lane no. 11, Metal Market, Sadar Bazar, Delhi – 110006. Works and Factory is located at 14/14/1, Nangli Poona, G.T. Karnal Road, New Delhi – 110036.

The company has gained recognition from various Business Chambers federations and Associations etc. and is registered by Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC) as Manufacturer & Exporter.


Business & Process:
B. R. Industries Ltd. is having its own huge state-of-the-art setup in well facilitated and connected industrial area of New Delhi. The production capacity of the setup is 5000 metric ton per annum which is is successfully met by well-trained and experienced work force. The company is primarily dealing in following:
1. supply of electrical laminations (transformer core) to manufacturers of Power and Distribution transformers.

The company is revamping its production unit by starting a revised version of ‘Electrical Lamination’, as manufacturer of wound core for electrical transformers.

The manufacturing of Electrical Lamination (Transformer Core) involves the following process:
• Import of basic raw material : CRGO – coils/sheets from America, Japan, Russia and Europe.
• Unloading of raw material and loading on slitting plant through EOT crane with capacity up to 10 metric ton.
• Cutting of coils/sheets widthwise by slitting machines/plant
• Placing of widthwise cut coils/sheets on shearing Machine for cutting of length of the required sizes as per specification of the clients.
• V notching of coils/sheets or cutting of holes thru power press
• Weighing of the pieces made of required sizes to match the weight with the specification of the client.
• Packing of the finished product as per the requirement of the client and dispatch.


At B. R. Industries Ltd. quality is the result of commitment of hard work and total dedication to deliver the best. Keeping with this commitment the company has become an ISO 9001 certified organization with certificatio from JAS-ANZ.

The experience, capability & resources of B. R. Industries Ltd. position the company not only as a successful competitor but far ahead of the competitors in the field of manufacturing electrical lamination. To achieve the highest level of production excellence, B. R. Industries Ltd. utilize only advanced equipments, certified quality material and standard industry processes. It continues with the company’s investment in continuous R&D, design facilities, fabrication, assembly, training man power, quality control and standards room.


The manufacturing process is fully as per the highest industry standards and the company regards its surroundings and environment. Whole of the manufacturing process is environmental friendly and there is hardly any effluent, smoke or smoke. This way there is no spillage in the environment too.
Founded keenly by Mr. B. R. Aggarwal, B. R. Industries Ltd. today flourishes just because of its time proven team. The company is proud to have the most competitive and target oriented man power blessed with highly technical knowledge along with years of relevant experience. With the 24 hrs working and production whole team works dedicatedly and whole team sticks to just one formula “Top Quality – Hard Work – On time production”
The Management:
B. R. Industries Ltd. is governed by the group of decisive people with a single goal to take B. R. Industries Ltd. to its highest standard thus making it a customer-oriented organization. In the hierarchy from top, Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal is Chairman cum Managing Director followed by three directors. Co-founder Mr. B. R. Aggarwal still directs everyone and renders advisory services and overall directions for business development. Qualified and experienced Managers, Foreman and Workers follow this top line-up.

Top brass continuously rewards everyone in company to keep morel at its high. This leads to the production of satisfactory product leading to satisfied customer.
Industry Process
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